F.A.Q. Everything You Want To Know About Our Festival

Who we are - SECRET KEY

Located in Athens Secret Key provides the market with the ultimate Consulting Expertise in the following areas: Improving Sales Productivity & Designing an organizational Customer Experience Culture. We offer Consulting Services, Professional Training Solutions as well as People Assessment and Survey approaches aiming at: The Empowerment of Commercial Departments’ Effectiveness , the improvement and innovation in the final Customers’ Experience.

All of our Consultants in Secret Key have practiced in sales and service roles at the past and have been promoted to Members of Executive Teams.

We know in depth the special and tough requirements that Managers are called to cover in these Commercial Business Units (Sales & Service Departments).

We’ re Passionate about Achieving Sales Results and we transfer this passion to the teams of training participants through updated methodologies accompanied by measurement & feedback tools.

We’ re Passionate about Excellent Customer Service and we advocate this passion through experiential learning and real-life examples. Secret Key is the Exclusive Regional Partner of Porter Henry & Co (USA, www.porterhenry.com) in 8 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Turkey & Balkans), International Partner of the ICSA (USA) as well as Strategic Partner and Reseller of the MiRT (Milano Retail Tour).

Festival Profile

• Presentation of International Best Practices & success stories in the Customer Experience Innovation field across the world (Europe, USA, Australia etc.)

• Shapes the hallmarks of the Customer Experience Design (Customer Journey Mapping)

• Focuses on both B2C and B2B sectors across all industries

• Embraces the whole field of the Customer Experience battleground : from strategy and philosophy to people and behaviors, metrics and reinforcement, processes and supportive systems

• Brings together Employee Experience with Customer Experience

• Provides in-depth understanding of the ever changing consumer / customer΄s profile

• Highlights the importance of integrating physical and digital experience channels

Why to attend ?

Athens Customer Experience Festival has been designed by SECRET KEY to help you:

• Create a strong Customer Experience Culture

• Design the Ultimate Customer Engagement Strategy

• Get inspired and deliver amazing customer experiences across all customer touch points

• Gain access to the newest best practices on the international Customer Experience field

• Retain your Customers delivering true value back to them

• Measure the emotional impact of your customer’s experience

• Ensure continuous improvement on relevant systems and processes

• Introduce ways of successful complaint handling

• Make Customer Service a priority for the whole organization

• Empower and engage your people, the ones who actually deliver the promises of your brand

Who you will meet ?

3nd ACEF will guest in terms of speakers :

• International Customer Experience Specialists & Strategists

• Inspirational World - Class Speakers

• Consumer & Mind Style Trendwatchers / Trendforecasters

• Customer Service Authors

• Customer Advocacy Managers & Practitioners

Who Should Attend?


• Entrepreneurs

• General Managers

• Sales & Marketing Managers

• Customer Service / Experience Managers

• Heads of Call Centers / Contact Center Managers

• Heads of Business Intelligence

• Heads of Digital Marketing

• CRM Managers

• Store Managers

• Heads of Analytics

• Human Resources Managers

• Training / Development Managers


How to contact us


Secret Key

Tel : 2106096921
E-mail :  info@secretkey.gr
Fax: 2106096927


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Chalkidos 90, Varibobi P.O. 13671 GRAbout Ariadni

“Ktima” Ariadni is located in Varibobi (North Attika), a country place with natural beauty. Ariadni is a beautiful estate full of trees, plants, grass, with elements like stone and water in perfect harmony with all the other.

“Ariadni” has two individual spaces – Knosos & Phestos – and offers high quality services, the latest equipment and excellent professional staff for any type of social and corporate events